Mainz Media Forum: The Islamic Videos: Should Governments Have the Right to Prohibit Their Creation and Distribution?

An anti-Islamic video, produced by an individual in the United States, sparked protests all over the world.  In Pakistan alone, the protests resulted in numerous deaths and injuries. The video, and the response, prompted calls for governmental retribution against the producer of the video. In this symposium, the speakers will discuss the anti-Islamic video, the worldwide response, and its implications for free expression. Should individuals have the right to produce such videos, and can governments be oblivious to the consequences of this type of speech.

Die Veranstaltung hat am 26. April 2013 in Englisch stattgefunden.


Professor Dr. Dieter Dörr
Direktor des Mainzer Medieninstituts, 
Universitätsprofessor am Fachbereich Rechts- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften der Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz


Professor Russell L. Weaver
Professor of Law and Distinguished University Scholar, Louis D. Brandeis School of Law, Louisville, USA

Professor Dr. Friedhelm Hufen 
Professor für Öffentliches Recht, Staats- und Verwaltungsrecht, Johannes Gutenberg-Universität Mainz


Professor Dr. Mark D. Cole 
Professor für das Recht der neuen Informationstechnologien, Medien- und Kommunikationsrecht, Universität Luxemburg